Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leftover Salmon Skin

If you've been following this blog the last few days, you know that I made some lox, based on FoodMayhem's recipe. Little did I know that they also have a recipe for the leftover salmon skin! The method they used (at least the one I read) was to broil the skin under the broiler until it's nice and crisp. Sounds good to me! I love anything crispy!

Read on if you love the idea of crispy fish skin chips...

Broiled Salmon Skin - click here for the original recipe from FoodMayhem.

1.  Preheat the broiler.

2.  After most of the flesh of the lox have been eaten, place the leftover salmon skin flesh-side down on a piece of foil.  Put if roughly 6 in. under broiler.

3.  Check every couple of minutes, until golden, bubbly, and slightly charred.

4.  Slice it into pieces and enjoy!

Looking at the pictures make me hungry, I think I'm gonna start another batch now...

**UPDATE: FoodMayhem has another crispy salmon skin recipe! Click here to view!**


  1. I wanted to thank you for popping in and leaving such a nice comment. I know I will eventually bounce out of this mood I just hate when it lasts so long.

    I just read your lox recipe, it is a little to advanced for me, my kids enjoy my cooking that’s about it, but I am going to share it with my husband. I love lox. Every once and awhile he will make homemade bagels, I think the two of them together would be a great mother’s day breakfast.

    I hope you find some time to create this week, Heather

  2. So cool that you are tackling something like crispy salmon skins! I never thought people used the skins of fish. I am not a fish person myself but my parents love love love lox!!! and I know they will like hearing about your two posts!

    Jennifer :)

  3. Thanks Jennifer! I LOVE fish skins! When it's crunchy and salty, it's absolutely delicious! I get so hungry just thinking about them! :)